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The Jackson Purchase Foundation has partnered with the Kentucky Division of Water in this watershed education effort.

The Four Rivers Basin Team includes stakeholders from regulatory agencies, local governments and utilities, academic institutions, local industries, wildlife, agriculture and forestry agencies, and local conservation groups all dedicated to protecting and enhancing water quality in the Four Rivers Region. Members meet bimonthly to discuss water resource concerns and potential projects for the Four Rivers Region.

Our mission is to coordinate and integrate programs, tools and resources available in order to protect, maintain and restore the ecological composition, structure and function of watersheds in the Four Rivers Region of Kentucky.


Our Wish List of Projects Includes:

Environmental education and public outreach projects

Riparian and wetland protection and restoration projects

Stormwater, construction, and agriculture related best management practices

Well plugging and education projects

Sinkhole restoration and education projects

Water quality monitoring projects

Stream cleanup projects

Green infrastructure and low impact development projects


If you are intersted in partnering with the Four Rivers Basin Team on a project or would like more information, please contact:

Maggie Morgan
Four Rivers Basin Coordinator
P.O. Box 1154
Benton, KY 42025


A Special thanks to the City of Benton for donating office space for the Four Rivers Basin Coordinator  

 Check out the State hosted website: http://www.watersheds.ky.gov/basins/four_rivers/